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Complete 2021 Exaclair Catalog

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Front Cover Front of 2021 Exaclair catalog
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Table of Contents Table of Contents

Clairefontaine Notebooks

Page 4 Neo Deco, Aida, Flying Spirit Collections
Page 5 Mimesys, KoverBook, 1951 Collections
Page 6 My Essential, Basics Collections
Page 7 Leather Accessories
Page 8 Classic Wirebound and Staplebound Notebooks
Page 9 Classic Clothbound, Hardcover, Multi-Subject Notebooks
Page 10 Europa, Classic, Music Notepads
Page 11 Clairefontaine Displays


Page 12 Classic Orange and Black Notepads
Page 13 Treasure Box, Pocket Notepad, Rollerball Pen, Mechanical Pencil, Rhodia Pencil, Pencil Case, Mouse Pad
Page 14 Wirebound Notebooks, Composition Notebooks
Page 15 Staplebound Notebooks, Wirebound Notepads, Unlimited
Page 16 Meeting Book, Rhodiarama Meeting Book, Rhodiactive Notebooks, Address Book
Page 17 Webnotebooks, Webnotepads
Page 18 Rhodiarama Hardcover, Softcover Notebooks
Page 19 Rhodia Goalbook, Sewn Spine Notebooks
Page 20 R Pads, Pad Holders, ColoR Notepads
Page 21 Rhodia Displays


Page 22 Exactive Collection, Journals, Index Cards, Watershed
Page 23 FAF Pads
Page 24 Big Box Desk Organizers, Crystal Filing Products
Page 25 Folders, File Boxes, Portfolios

G. Lalo

Page 26 Mode de Paris, Deckle-Edge Cards, Straight-Edge Cards
Page 27 Watercolor Cards, Tresor, Thank You, Bordered Cards
Page 28 Verge de France and Triomphe Tablets, Envelopes


Page 29 1670, 1798, 350 Anniversary Inks
Page 30 Fountain Pen Inks, Pens
Page 31 Specialty Inks, Blotters
Page 32 Herbin Displays
Page 33 Calligraphy Sets, Writing Sets
Page 34 Sealing Waxes
Page 35 Brass Seals and Handles
Page 36 Glass Pens, Markers


Page 37 Calligraphy Papers and Practice Cards
Page 38 Calligraphy Sets and Nib Holders
Page 39 Calligraphy Nibs and Displays
Page 40 Calligraphy Nibs

Rhodia Touch

Page 41 Rhodia Touch Calligraphy, Marker, Maya Pads

Stillman & Birn

Page 42 Alpha, Beta Series
Page 43 Gamma, Delta Series
Page 44 Epsilon, Zeta Series
Page 45 Nova Series

Clairefontaine Fine Art

Page 46 PaintON Mixed Media, Goldline Mixed Media
Page 47 Ingres, Fleur de Coton, Simili Japon, Oil, Acrylic Papers
Page 48 Graf It, Crok Book, Graf'Book 360
Page 49 Flying Spirit Sketchbook, Trophee, Zap Book
Page 50 Pastelmat Sheets
Page 51 Pastelmat Glued Pads
Page 52 Fontaine Watercolor

Quo Vadis Notebooks

Page 53 Life Journal, Habana Journals, Refillable Notebook


Page 54 Index
Page 55 Index

Clairefontaine G Lalo Rhodia Exacompta Quo Vadis Brause J Herbin Decopatch