2019 Fine Art Catalog - Consumers

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Introductory pages

Front Cover Front of 2019 Fine Art Catalog


Page 2 A History of Paper
Page 3 Wet Techniques, Dry Techniques, Mixed Media & Calligraphy
Page 4 Wet Technique: "Fontaine" Watercolor Paper
Page 5 Wet Technique: Watercolor Rough, Oil Paper, Acrylique Paper
Page 6 Dry Technique: Cray'ON, Flying Spirit, Trophee Sketchpads
Page 7 Dry Technique: Pastel Paper, Fleur de Coton Art Print Paper, Simili Japon Calligraphy & Print Paper
Page 8 Dry Technique: GraF it Drawing, Crok' Book Drawing and Sketch Books
Page 9 Dry Technique & Mixed Media: Goldline Mixed-Media Sketchbook & Journal
Page 10 Dry Technique: Papier Noir
Page 11 Mixed Media: Paint'ON Mixed Media Paper
Page 12 Mixed Media: Paint'ON Mixed Media Paper
Page 13 Mixed Media: Paint'ON Mixed Media Journal & Assorted Color Pads
Page 14 Coloring Books & Manga Pads


Page 15 Calligraphy Pads & Calligraphy Practice Cards
Page 16 Calligraphy Nibs & Nib Holders
Page 17 Calligraphy Nibs


Page 18 Writing Instruments
Page 19 Calligraphy Ink, Pigment Inks, Refillable Art Markers
Page 20 1670 Anniversary Inks
Page 21 1798 Anniversary Inks
Page 22 Calligraphy Gifts & Sets

Additional Items

Page 23 Product Index
Page 24 About Us, Ordering, Shipping, Online Resources

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